How to Order

1. Choose products on, select quantity and size of products you want to buy, click the button "ADD TO CART" and then continue your selection of products.

2. When the selection of products is done, click the button "SHOPPING CART" on the top right to see all products you have selected here. You can make a comparison among selected products, modify the quantity of products or you can click the "Remove" button to abandon products you don't need.

3. Finally what are left in your shopping cart are the ones you decide to buy. You can click the button "PROCEED TO CHECKOUT" to go to checkout page. Here you can select a shipping address or add a new address, select the shipping method, after this steps, you can click the button "PLACE ORDER NOW". At last, it comes to Paypal payment. In this way, we can deal with your order in the shortest time.

4. Whenever you come across any problem or trouble, please Contact Us and we will help you out in time.